. Good Quality Thermostat

A programmable electronic thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home, even when you are not there. Program your thermostat to turn off during your working hours. Then program it to a temperature of 19 degrees one hour before you get back from work. Your home will be warm and comfortable on your arrival!

  1. Energy Efficient Lights

Energy efficient light bulbs use 75% less electricity to provide the same illumination. When you think that lighting accounts for about 7% of our average electricity bill, changing light bulbs represents a good saving at the end of the year! ampoule_arbre3. Seal the windows

  1. Seal Windows?

When the outside temperature is lower than one desired in the house, make sure to properly seal all leaks, for example by sealing windows. Older windows are the most suspicious. There are several ways to seal windows. These include doing it with caulk or using plastic films that become fixed when heated by a hair dryer.

  1. Fireplace? Lofts? Basements?

Like with the windows, leaks leading to or from the basement, loft or attic should be eliminated if possible. If you have a fireplace, have it inspected and make sure that its closure is tight!

  1. Energy Star

The appliances that are not Energy Star rated can be very expensive in the long run. Whether it’s the fridge, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, television or water heater: when the time comes to replace them, look for the small star logo!

  1. Only wash when the machine is full

When speaking of washer, dryer or dishwasher, to start the machine when it is half full is always a mistake. Fill it properly (do not overfill), before starting the cycle. When possible, wash in cold water!

For the dryer, do not forget to clean the filter as often as possible. Drying at lower temperatures also helps to save energy

  1. Avoid baths

Taking a bath in winter is very expensive. The water that enters the hot water cylinder is very cold, and so is the temperature of the room. Therefore, ​​the hot water cylinder has to do more than double the work to heat water to the desired temperature.

Filling a bath also uses more water than a shower!

  1. The ultimate economy? The solar panels!

This is obviously an operation that can be costly, but, depending on the individual’s circumstance, it can be very profitable to install solar panels and a battery system to power his house. This system can pay for itself in a few years.

  1. Open the curtains during the day, close them at night

This piece of advice does not cost anything: let in the heat of the day, and prevent the heat from going out at night. Simply open the curtains during the day and close them at night!

(Excerpts from the Powertime Newsletter received 1/4/2016) Powertime • Suite 1B, 1st Floor, Nautica Building • Beach Road, Granger Bay • Cape Town, Western Cape 8005 • South Africa