If you want to save 25% or more on your electricity costs then a solar water heater (or heat pump) is the best investment you can make right now. The City of Cape Town has made it easier to upgrade to a solar water heater by using an accrediting service provider. You will receive a 5% discount by using one of the service providers listed at www.SavingElectricity.org.za. Use your access bond for finance or ask the accredited service providers about instalment financing or rental options. Burst geyser? When an electric geyser bursts or fails, it’s a perfect opportunity to upgrade to solar. Ask your insurer for a pay-out, and use that money to reduce the cost of the investment in a solar water heater. Prepare in advance by choosing an accredited service provider and get their advice on a system that will suit your needs. This will give you peace of mind and will speed up installation. Buying a house or renovating? If you apply for bond finance for a new home, or plan on making additions or renovations, then adding the cost of a solar water heater (or heat pump) generally makes good investment sense. You could save about R5 000 or more per year if you have a 200-litre solar water heater installed for a household of four people. Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system? If you are thinking about installing a rooftop solar PV system, check the City of Cape Town guidelines about how to do it safely and legally: http://tinyurl.com/SafeandlegalPV. The guidelines will help you to make an informed decision about what type of PV system to install, and how to select a capable service provider. Useful checklists on key requirements are also included.

Courtesy of City of Cape Town