These restrictions include:

WATERING/IRRIGATION OF GARDENS, FIELDS, PARKS, OPEN SPACES, etc. ▪ Watering with potable water is only permitted on Tuesdays and Saturdays before 09:00 or after 18:00 ▪ maximum of one hour per day (Tuesday and Saturday) per property ▪ Must use a bucket or watering can. ▪ NO use of hosepipes or any sprinkler system allowed. WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RAINFALL THAT PROVIDES ADEQUATE SATURATION ▪ No watering or irrigation is allowed ▪ NOTE: BOREHOLES, treated effluent water, spring water or well-points are not exempt from this restriction WASHING OF VEHICLES OR BOATS ▪ No washing of vehicles or boats using municipal drinking water. ▪ NOTE : Vehicles and boats must be washed with non-potable water or at a commercial carwash. CITY FACILITIES No irrigation using potable water will be permitted at City facilities

INDIGENT WATER ALLOCATION •No increase of the over and above the free 350 litres a day will be granted

EXEMPTIONS GRANTED AS PER LEVEL 3 ▪ Current users with exemptions must adhere to Level 3b irrigation days and times ▪ All exemptions granted for Level 3 are being reviewed RESIDENTIAL USAGE OVER 50KL PER MONTH The 20 000 + residential property owners using over 50 kilolitres per month will be approached by the City and warned of punitive measures if they do not reduce their usage by 20%.

NOTE : The residential average usage prior to water restrictions was 30 kilolitres per month.

A REQUEST FROM THE CITY The City requests residents to report contraventions ( preferably with evidence) to: