6 Mar 2017

• Remove wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpets hold a tremendous amount of dust, and are ideal breading grounds for mites. If they become chronically damp, they also harbor moulds. Carpets in basements, especially if placed directly on concrete, are particularly problematic. Replace with hardwood, linoleum, tiling etc. according to suitability and budget. You can use area rugs – bring these to the cleaners at least once a year. • Avoid forced air heating. If you have the choice, radiant heating, such as electric or hot water, are much preferable over forced air because forced air heating tends to spread the dust around, and the ducts become inaccessible dust catchers. This is especially true if you live in an apartment. You may not have access to the filters for replacement and upgrading, and you will have to share the bad house cleaning habits of other units in your building. • Install a HEPA filter on your furnace air filter. If you must have forced air (which most people are stuck with), install a HEPA filter in the fan unit. This reduces dust throughout the house, and reduces the rate at which dust collects on the surfaces in your home. It may even be better to have central heating with a HEPA filter than radiant heating, as air is circulated and filtered whenever the heating (or cooling) is on. www.pestcontrolspecialists.com